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Bengal Old Favourites

Basic Curry

Medium strength, delicately spices

Chicken Basic Curry £6.25 Order
Lamb Basic Curry £6.25 Order
Duck Basic Curry £9.95 Order
Chicken Tikka Basic Curry £7.25 Order
Lamb Tikka Basic Curry £7.25 Order
Fish Basic Curry £8.95 Order
Prawn Basic Curry £6.45 Order
Vegetable Basic Curry £5.45 Order
King Prawn Basic Curry £10.95 Order
Paneer Basic Curry £5.95 Order

Korma Dishes

A combination of nuts, fresh cream and mild spices.

Chicken Korma £6.25 Order
Lamb Korma £6.25 Order
Duck Korma £9.95 Order
Chicken Tikka Korma £7.25 Order
Lamb Tikka Korma £7.25 Order
Fish Korma £8.95 Order
Prawn Korma £6.45 Order
Vegetable Korma £5.45 Order
King Prawn Korma £10.95 Order
Paneer Korma £5.95 Order

Bhuna Dishes

A medium spicy dish cooked in tomatoes, green peppers and onions.

Chicken Bhuna £6.25 Order
Lamb Bhuna £6.25 Order
Duck Bhuna £9.95 Order
Chicken Tikka Bhuna £7.25 Order
Lamb Tikka Bhuna £7.25 Order
Fish Bhuna £8.95 Order
Prawn Bhuna £6.45 Order
Vegetable Bhuna £5.45 Order
King Prawn Bhuna £10.95 Order
Paneer Bhuna £5.95 Order

Pathia Dishes

A spicy sweet and sour dish.

Chicken Pathia £6.25 Order
Lamb Pathia £6.25 Order
Duck Pathia £9.95 Order
Chicken Tikka Pathia £7.25 Order
Lamb Tikka Pathia £7.25 Order
Fish Pathia £8.95 Order
Prawn Pathia £6.45 Order
Vegetable Pathia £5.45 Order
King Prawn Pathia £10.95 Order
Paneer Pathia £5.95 Order

Dansak Dishes

Cooked in lentil and pineapple suace. Medium hot.

Chicken Dansak £6.25 Order
Lamb Dansak £6.25 Order
Duck Dansak £9.95 Order
Chicken Tikka Dansak £7.25 Order
Lamb Tikka Dansak £7.25 Order
Fish Dansak £8.95 Order
Prawn Dansak £6.45 Order
Vegetable Dansak £5.45 Order
King Prawn Dansak £10.95 Order
Paneer Dansak £5.95 Order

Ceylon Dishes

Fairly hot.

Chicken Ceylon £6.25 Order
Lamb Ceylon £6.25 Order
Duck Ceylon £9.95 Order
Chicken Tikka Ceylon £7.25 Order
Lamb Tikka Ceylon £7.25 Order
Fish Ceylon £8.95 Order
Prawn Ceylon £6.45 Order
Vegetable Ceylon £5.45 Order
King Prawn Ceylon £10.95 Order
Paneer Ceylon £5.95 Order

Dupiaza Dishes

Medium hot spicy and cooked in a dry fry of onions.

Chicken Dupiaza £6.25 Order
Lamb Dupiaza £6.45 Order
Duck Dupiaza £9.45 Order
Chicken Tikka Dupiaza £7.20 Order
Lamb Tikka Dupiaza £7.45 Order
Fish Dupiaza £8.95 Order
Prawn Dupiaza £6.45 Order
Vegetable Dupiaza £5.95 Order
King Prawn Dupiaza £9.95 Order
Paneer Dupiaza £5.95 Order

Rogan Josh Dishes

Fairly hot and garnished with fried tomatoes.

Chicken Rogan Josh £6.25 Order
Lamb Rogan Josh £6.25 Order
Duck Rogan Josh £9.95 Order
Chicken Tikka Rogan Josh £7.25 Order
Lamb Tikka Rogan Josh £7.25 Order
Fish Rogan Josh £8.95 Order
Prawn Rogan Josh £6.45 Order
Vegetable Rogan Josh £5.45 Order
King Prawn Rogan Josh £10.95 Order
Paneer Rogan Josh £5.95 Order

Madras Dishes

The famously hot dish.

Chicken Madras £6.25 Order
Lamb Madras £6.25 Order
Duck Madras £9.95 Order
Chicken Tikka Madras £7.25 Order
Lamb Tikka Madras £7.25 Order
Fish Madras £8.95 Order
Prawn Madras £6.45 Order
Vegetable Madras £5.45 Order
King Prawn Madras £10.95 Order
Paneer Madras £5.95 Order

Vindaloo Dishes

Chicken Vindaloo £6.25 Order
Lamb Vindaloo £6.25 Order
Duck Vindaloo £9.95 Order
Chicken Tikka Vindaloo £7.25 Order
Lamb Tikka Vindaloo £7.25 Order
Fish Vindaloo £8.95 Order
Prawn Vindaloo £6.45 Order
Vegetable Vindaloo £5.45 Order
King Prawn Vindaloo £10.95 Order
Paneer Vindaloo £5.95 Order

Passanda Dishes

King Prawn Passanda £10.95 Order
Duck Passanda £9.95 Order
Chicken Passanda £6.25 Order
Vegetable Passanda £5.45 Order
Prawn Passanda £6.45 Order
Lamb Tikka Passanda £7.25 Order
Chicken Tikka Passanda £7.25 Order
Lamb Passanda £6.25 Order
Fish Passanda £8.95 Order
Paneer Passanda £5.95 Order

Korai Dishes

Medium hot. Cooked with onions, tomatoes, green peppers & garlic.

Lamb Tikka Korai £7.25 Order
Chicken Korai £6.25 Order
Duck Korai £9.95 Order
Paneer Korai £5.95 Order
Fish Korai £8.95 Order
Chicken Tikka Korai £7.25 Order
Lamb Korai £6.25 Order
Prawn Korai £6.45 Order
Vegetable Korai £5.45 Order
King Prawn Korai £10.95 Order

Jalfrezi Dishes

Hot. Cooked with onions, green pepper & chillies.

Fish Jalfrezi £8.95 Order
Duck Jalfrezi £9.95 Order
Lamb Tikka Jalfrezi £7.25 Order
Vegetable Jalfrezi £5.45 Order
Lamb Jalfrezi £6.25 Order
Paneer Jalfrezi £5.95 Order
King Prawn Jalfrezi £10.95 Order
Prawn Jalfrezi £6.45 Order
Chicken Tikka Jalfrezi £7.25 Order
Chicken Jalfrezi £6.25 Order

Massala Dishes

A very popular dish. Cooked with coconut powder, cream, butter and garnished with nuts.

Lamb Tikka Massala £7.25 Order
Fish Massala £8.95 Order
King Prawn Massala £10.95 Order
Paneer Massala £5.95 Order
Chicken Massala £6.25 Order
Chicken Tikka Massala £7.25 Order
Lamb Massala £6.25 Order
Vegetable Massala £5.45 Order
Duck Massala £9.95 Order
Prawn Massala £6.45 Order

Bombay Dishes

Medium dish cooked with potato and boiled egg.

Duck Bombay £9.95 Order
Prawn Bombay £6.45 Order
Vegetable Bombay £5.45 Order
Paneer Bombay £5.95 Order
Lamb Tikka Bombay £7.25 Order
Chicken Bombay £6.25 Order
King Prawn Bombay £10.95 Order
Chicken Tikka Bombay £7.25 Order
Fish Bombay £8.95 Order
Lamb Bombay £6.25 Order

Kashmiri Dishes

Mild to medium hot dish. Cooked with banana.

Vegetable Kashmiri £5.95 Order
King Prawn Kashmiri £9.95 Order
Lamb Kashmiri £6.45 Order
Lamb Tikka Kashmiri £7.45 Order
Prawn Kashmiri £6.45 Order
Chicken Tikka Kashmiri £7.20 Order
Chicken Kashmiri £6.25 Order
Duck Kashmiri £9.45 Order
Fish Kashmiri £8.95 Order
Paneer Kashmiri £5.95 Order
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