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Bengal Finest Selection

An exquisite traditional dish of Bangladesh.

Bengal Shashlik Khazana £8.95 Order

Marinated Chicken/Lamb cooked with onion, peppers and tomatoes with our chef’s special blend of herbs and spices. Medium hot.

Bengal Kazana £8.95 Order

Sweet & Sour dish cooked with boiled egg, chicken & special recipe

King Prawn Kazana £8.95 Order

The Kazana is a sweet & sour dish cooked with our chef’s special recipe.

Bengal Tandoori Supreme £10.95 Order

Chicken tikka, lamb tikka, sheek kebab, tandoori chicken & chick prawn cooked with our chef's special receipe. Fairly hot.

King Prawn Jalapeno £10.95 Order


An exquisite traditional Bangladeshi dish. Shatkora is a citrus which has a lemon/lime taste to it.

Chicken Shatkora £7.95 Order
Lamb Shatkora £7.95 Order

Bengal Special

Cooked with Cream, Herbs & Spices with a wonderful blend of special recipe. Served with Fresh Mangoes.

Chicken Tikka Delight £8.45 Order
Lamb Tikka Delight £8.45 Order

Bengal Flame

Fairly hot and spicy cooked with our chef's special recipe.

Bengal Flame Chicken £7.95 Order
Bengal Flame Lamb £7.95 Order

Bengal Archari

Fairly hot dish, cooked with fresh pickles, tangy flavour.

Archari Chicken £7.95 Order
Archari Lamb £7.95 Order


Medium hot dish, topped with fried potatoes and a pinch of selected Bangladeshi herbs and spices.

Chicken Sali £7.95 Order
Lamb Sali £7.95 Order

Bengal Special Bhuna

Medium spicy with wonderful blend of herbs and spices.

Special Chicken Bhuna £7.95 Order
Special Lamb Bhuna £7.95 Order


Hot and spicy, cooked with naga chillies and garlic, popular with the staff.

Chicken Naga £7.95 Order
Lamb Naga £7.95 Order


Cooked with green herbs, mint garlic & coriander. This is a Mild Chef’s special dish.

Chicken Hariyali £8.50 Order
Lamb Hariyali £8.50 Order

Tikka Delight

Cooked with cream, herbs and spices to enriched with tia maria. A mild dish.

Chicken Tikka Delight £9.95 Order
Lamb Tikka Delight £9.95 Order

Chilli Garlic

Hot and spicy cooked with green chillies and garlic.

Chicken Chilli Garlic £7.95 Order
Lamb Chilli Garlic £7.95 Order


The Jalapino is fairly hot King Prawns cooked with Onion & Green Peppers, in a chef’s special recipe.

Chicken Tikka Jalapino £8.95 Order
Lamb Tikka Jalapino £8.95 Order


The Machli dish comes with the finest fresh Bangladeshi fish, also known as Pangasius.

Machli Naga £9.95 Order
Machli Jalfrezi £9.95 Order
Machli Shatkora £9.95 Order
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